Apricum started as a small project for creating light shows. I once went out with my laptop plugged in a USB-DMX interface and tried to set everything up for the band contest that was happening this night. After around 5 minutes I noticed that I’m nowhere near being able to have a usable interface for the event. I eventually gave up and used LightJockey 2 that evening.

Unfortunately I’m quite busy at the moment with other projects, so it’ll take some time until a new version of Apricum will be released. It might be that I’ll reprogram the whole app (you’ll be able to open your old projects, and won’t have to buy patch collections again, I promise) as there are a lot of things I’d do different now.

Apricum 1.1 (or maybe even 2.0) won’t have a focus on DMX/Lightning but will be a general purpose patch programming tool. There will be an iOS version a little bit later in 2016.

I hope to bring an update until Q2 2016 but as I’ve made less than 100€ with Apricum, it’s more of a hobby so it might take even longer. (If you want to support me in any way, just contact me :P)