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Easy GPS Tracker 2.1

Easy GPS Tracker is back after it was taken down for using outdated APIs. There are no added features, but it has been optimized for the newest iOS versions.

Search and Replace 1.2.2

A new version of Search and Replace is available on the Mac App Store. It includes a brand new Live Editor, where you can test your rules in a small editor.

Easy GPS Tracker

After more than 1 year I finally managed to update DrunkTracker, and as I want this App to be used not only by teenagers I have renamed it to Easy GPS Tracker. It’s mainly an interface update to iOS 7 and the 4-inch screen of the newer iPhones. Look here for more information: Easy GPS Tracker

Search and Replace on the Mac App Store

Just a few minutes ago my newest app, Search and Replace, went online! It’s a helpful tool if you need to perform search and replace operations on multiple files. You can also use regular expressions for complex operations.

Take a look at it here.

SpaceDebris online

My newest game, SpaceDebris, is now online in the App Store and Mac App Store. Check it out!

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